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Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Importance of Content

After yesterday's fiasco with the situation (see previous post), I am going to try to rewrite the post from memory.

When trying to sell a product on the internet, keywords and pictures are an important part of the process. Although they are very effective in displaying the product itself, they only give part of the information you want to portray.

Someone looking for something on the internet will not always use a keyword. They are becoming more specific in their terminology. As an example, I have seen phrases such as "I want to work from my house" or "problems installing Actiontec gt704wc" both of which I had referenced in posts I had written.

While keywords are important to drive traffic to your site, you must remember they are not the only thing. How you phrase things in the description of your product will also contribute to the way people find them, especially on the internet. Make sure you paint an accurate picture in words, so that people can find what you are selling.

Content is one of your most important tools if you want to conduct business online. Don't forget, people can't look up a picture, unless they describe what they want.

I wrote a related post for Technosailor the other day, so visit Aaron and let him know what you think.

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At 10:58 AM, Anonymous Jesse Skinner said...

Here is your original post.. it showed up on Bloglines regardless of your problems. I guess this is too late, but I just read both posts so I couldn't have posted this earlier:

The essence of any Blog or Web Page is that which is contained within.

If your main purpose is to sell a product, a picture is necessary, but not the only thing that sells your product. How you portray the product in words can be just as, if not more important.

A picture will show what something looks like, but can't describe how it works, what options are available, additional features, etc. A well written caption, or short article detailing special features and capibilities can help sell any product.

When conducting Business on the Internet, Keywords are an important part of trying to get people to visit your site and therefore see your products. But they are not the only thing that search engine will key on. When someone is looking for something through a search engine, you would be supprised how detailed they are in the quiry.

I have seen such things as "I want to work in my house and make money", or "How to install Actiontec gt70wc wireless modem". Both of which I had referenced within articles I had written.

The important thing to remember is that you need to write pertinent information about whatever your are selling, whether it is brick and morter, or yourself.

I wrote a small article for Technosailor yesterday on the subject, take a look and let Aaron or myself know what you think.


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