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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Comparison of Poll Results

The results of the Poll regarding visiting my Web page were actually quite unexpected.

You may have noticed that 80% of the people who read the Blog Never visited the Website. The other 20% didn't know where to find it. That leaves 0% who ever went to the Website.

Another supprise is the results from the corresponding Website poll. 57% of the visitors there had viewed the Blog. Only 14% never visited and 29% didn't know where to find it.

This could show that the people who visit the Blog already know what they want, and expect to see certain information on the Blog. They may be looking for ways to advance their Work at Home Business.

Conversely, it could show that visitors to the Website are either searching for Work at Home opportunities, or are just surfing and investigating to see what's out there.

Either way, it gives me an idea of things I must improve to address the needs of my readers.

Do you think the results were supprising, or do you think they were to be expected?

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