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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Feeling Guilty for Taking Time Off

I thought about just taking the day off today. The first really nice day in a couple of weeks. It has been cold and miserable since I posted about a similar day a few weeks back.

Then, I started to get this guilty feeling, like I was abandoning my post. I really do need to take some time, and I know it, but still have all these things that need to be done.

I tried pre-writing posts as suggested by all the Professionals, but when I write them, I usually post them right away. I have been writing ideas down with a few sentences on which direction I should go in the post. But, what made sense yesterday, doesn't always translate well today.

So, I thought I would share this New Wall I have hit in the Grand Scheme of Working at Home.

It's not writers block, I have plenty of subjects to write about. It's not that I haven't worked hard for 6 months without a day off. It's not lack of projects that need to be done. There are more than enough things to keep me occupied.

It's Spring Fever... It hits around this time every year. Can't help it, Spring is my favorite season. So, after I finish this post, I will dig out the lawn furniture, rake the lawn and not feel guilty for doing it.

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