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Monday, March 27, 2006

How Do You Judge Success?

Everyone judges success differently. This is a small list of questions you may want to ask yourself to determine how successful you feel you are. After all, you are the one who has the final say in how successful your business really is.

Success is determined by...

Making money from your site?

Sure it is a good thing to make a living, but once you attain a certain level of income, money seems to be less of a motivator and more of a burden. If the only reason you do something is for the money, are you ever really satisfied?

Being recognized by your peers?

If you need approval from others to be satisfied with your work, do you consider yourself a success if there is none forthcoming? It is nice to get recognition, but it shouldn't be the only reason to continue what you started.

Conversation through comments?

Are you the type that likes to evoke a response from your readers? This is akin to being recognized by your peers. The difference being, it is an opportunity to learn something from your readers. It also gives you a way to expand on your original idea.

Number of people visiting your site?

You need people to come to your site in order to achieve any of the above objectives. Does the number really matter to you? Should it be a way to judge success?

There are many more ways that success can be determined. How do you judge your success? What is the most satisfying part of working at home for you?

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