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Monday, March 20, 2006

Using Ads on Your Blog or Website

If you work at home on the internet, you probably have either a Blog or Website or Both. I did a poll not long ago and it seems to bear out that fact.

Some people overlook an obvious source of income. Ads on their site. If you have your own products to sell, why would you want other ads there?

You don't want to compete with yourself, but you can use them as additional income streams. Most have options to opt out competitors, so only useful but non-competitive ads will be shown.

There are a few types of ads that you may find useful.

Affiliate Programs... AdSense, ClickBank, Chitika, Text Link Ads and Commission Junction all offer these type programs. I did a comparison when I first started using them, but things have improved over time for me.

KeyWord Ads... AdSense and YPN (Yahoo) use this concept, they use keywords in your posts and overall theme to feed relevant ads to your site. I personally like AdSense, but have no experience with YPN for comparison. Make sure you check the TOS because you can't use them on the same page.

Mini-Malls... Chitika is the only one I have experience with. They offer options to pick the type ads that are displayed, and can, in most cases be used with AdSense. Check TOS to be sure you are using them correctly together.

These are the Advertisers I have experience with, they are by no means the only options out there. You will have to experiment to see which type works best for your situation.

Tomorrow: Ad Placement

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