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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Overcoming Isolation

Something that creeps up on anyone who works at home is the problem of isolation. This is especially true of people that have little contact with other people, whether it be kids, spouse, or coworkers throughout the day.

More often than not, you can find yourself getting distracted by the most mundane of things. You sit down to work and somehow or other something will come up that takes priority. It shouldn't, you know it, but it does.

This could be caused by nothing more than that age old culprit: Isolation. All human's are social by nature, which is why most can't be alone for any length of time without interaction with other people.

When you feel yourself getting to the point of distraction caused by being alone most of the day, you should try to get out of the house for a time.

Walk the Dog... If you have a dog, take it for a walk. Go to the park, there are probably others there doing the same thing.

Join a Spa... One benefit is the exercise, but another possibly more important benefit is the interaction with others.

Go to a local Coffee Shop... There are usually people at this type of establishment, and if you go often, you will probably get to know some of them.

Get a Laptop... Sometimes just getting outside, taking in some fresh air while you are working can make a big difference.

Meet a Friend for Lunch... Call a friend and just have a good conversation over lunch. They may need a break too.

Get a Hobby... Find something that you like to do that has nothing to do with work. You could build models, volunteer at an organization, paint.

The options you have are limitless. The important part in overcoming isolation is to socialize in some way. You don't really need to interact, but you do need to be around other people. At the very least, distract yourself from the daily grind in some way by doing something you enjoy.

How do you overcome isolation in your work at home life?

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