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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Posting Frequency

How often should you post?

There are almost as many answers to that question as there are people who use the Internet for Business. The real answer is between you and your readers.

I have written a post daily for 6 months, missing only one day and double posting on more than one occasion. I feel it is necessary on this type of Blog, one that deals with Working at Home. There are new ideas and ways of doing things coming to light every day.

On the World Politics Blog*, if I post once a week, that is not too bad. Unless there is something important that I feel needs to be said. There, it is more of a way to fulfill my need to speak my mind than to placate anyone.

With the Working at Home Website**, I try to update as often as I find new information regarding Scams, Resources or any Headlines that are pertinent to Home Business.

In all cases, try to satisfy the expectations of the readers.

Since I post daily on the Work at Home Blog, the readers expect something new every day. Researching and trying to find new information is one way I endeavor to do this. I have tried to keep everything interesting and fresh. Hopefully, I can continue to keep people interested in what I write.

With the PolBlog*, it's more about the conversation on current events regarding world governments and the internet. There is a lot to talk about, but it has to be two way. The more people comment, the more often I reply to keep the conversation going.

On the Website**, it is more about disseminating information. There is almost no reader response, unless I have a poll or open a forum at some point (just did). Therefore, I have to depend on statistics (pageviews) to see which page people most often visit to try to determine their preferences.

Each type of site will determine, at least to an extent, how often you should post. If you have a good reader response, or new information becomes available, try to keep up with what your readers expect.

Your readers will thank you.

How often do you post?

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