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Friday, March 24, 2006


Most things that you have to deal with running a Blog or Website have many different approaches. As a matter of fact, the approach will probably be different within your own domains.

Intra-links are important within Websites to get from one category to the next (even on the same page). They are also the preferred way of getting from one page to another. Whether you realize it or not, you use them even when you use page1... page2... etc.

Probably the most effective way of using links within you site, is to use a Title over the link. Instead of having page2, use whatever the name of the page is eg. Articles or Resources. This way people can navigate to the information they need without having to "surf" your site.

They are just as important if you have a Blog. Again, there are many different ways of using intra-links. Most Bloggers I see use links by having them within the content of the post. I personally don't subscribe to this method, although I have utilized it in the past.

Some even use the here and (here) method with no real explanation of what here is. Although if you follow the link, it will probably take you to a previous post, usually related to the current article. A better way would be to describe the previous post in some way. Using the Title of the linked post is recommended.

Even though the above approach is widely used, I think it distracts the reader from whatever point you are trying to get across.

I have recently started using the Title in Italics with (*) to denote a reference at the bottom of the post. This way, the reader knows there is additional information and can follow the links at the end. They don't lose their train of thought, and can always get further information when they are through.

Even when you don't have any links within the post, you should always try to give some links to related articles you have written. Intra-links are a service to your readers, use them.

What is your approach to Intra-links? Do you use them?

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