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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Critique of My Website

Jesse Skinner from The Future of the Web* Blog has offered to critique the HTML, CSS and the overall presentation of various Websites and Blogs. He is proficient in various languages that most sites are written in.

I took him up on his offer yesterday, and now I have a good idea of some ways to improve my Website. As I have professed in many previous posts, it's about the reader, the people who visit my sites.

One of the things Jesse mentioned is the presentation of the first page. Actually, Clair of Freelance Pro** had mentioned in comments on the Comparison of Polls*** post that she had to scroll sideways to see the content on the website. First Impressions are the only ones you get on the Internet.

So, that becomes a priority, if it doesn't look good, people will not bother going any further as the average visit is less than 60 seconds.

Another consideration is the fact that it is not easy to navigate the pages within the website. I have the pages listed in the sidebar with descriptions of each so people know what's inside. Jesse suggests putting the pages on the top so as to make navigation easier. (I'm working on how to do that).

There are a few more things I need to address, on the Website and the Blog, and will continue to try to make your visits both pleasurable and worth returning.

So, if you have ever been to my Website, look for some changes for the better. If not, stop by to see what is happening with the updates.

I do appreciate the feedback I get from all of you, and want to let you know, I do listen.

Update: I have made some of the changes to the Website that Jesse suggested and think they will be an advantage to the navigation of the site in general.

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