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Monday, December 12, 2005

Ads, Good or Bad

Jesse Skinner said...

I just removed the ads from my blog after taking a look at the numbers. I was only making a few cents a week, so I decided I could afford to remove the ads. I will probably put them back once my site gets more traffic.

Until then, I'd rather my site look a bit more professional and cleaner and be more pleasurable to look at. I write more about this topic on my blog.

So I agree with you, it makes sense to focus on another website to make money, and try to keep the blog as commercial free as possible.
2:15 AM

Thank you, Jesse.

As you can see I still DO have Ads on this site. I try to use Ads that are relevant to the Work at Home topic. By offering links that could be to a readers advantage, I may be able to keep them returning.

As you know, the main reason for most Blogs is to get an Idea or Message across. If an Ad can help (and keeps on subject) someone else achieve their goals by offering a source of additional revenue, All the Better.

No One hates commercials more than I. But, if it is something I need or want, I Do write down that number.

So, I Don't think you need to forego Ads entirely. As long as you stay on topic, they may be an advantage to you and your readers.

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