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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Word Verification on Posts

For the past FOUR (4) days and counting, I have had to endure a procedure when I write a post. WORD VERIFICATION... This is all well and good for comments, which helps in weeding out Spam on comments and ensures a real person is responding.
Some way or another Blogger has picked up that my Blogs are SPAM (I think it's some joker who put a flag in the Blogger Bar). Since there is no way to get rid of the Bar, I guess anyone who wants to be vindictive or thinks a blog is competitive, can put a flag on just to complicate things.
The Biggest problem is that once the flag is on, you have to request it be taken off and WAIT for Blogger to make a decision. Since I do all my Blogs manually, and don't send them to anyone, I don't see how someone could think this is SPAM. Anyone who reads My Posts has to (voluntarily) link to the site.
The only E-Mail is if someone SUBSCRIBES THROUGH FEEDBLITZ.
I hope none of you have to go through problem, it really detracts from the experience of Blogging.
Sorry for being so negative, but I guess we all have problems to endure.

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