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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

More Questions and Answers

I have gotten a few Questions and Answers in the comments section of the Blog. I will share them with you here.

Anonymous said...
Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions, and I look forward to watching you learn and grow and improve over time. All the best!
3:42 PM

Viator said...
Hello, I´m also one of those that daydream of making a living working online. I´ve thought of setting up a blog like you do for motivational reasons where I would write about how that mission is going. One issue I´m stuck on is whether I should tell all about my plans and ideas or if that would be to invite competition from copycats. What do you think about that?
4:51 PM

Anonymous said...
I think if you're doing something truly unique where others copying would directly ruin your plans, well, patent what it is you're doing. Otherwise, if you're plans have been done before, you have nothing to lose to be open and transparent. In fact, being open and transparent may bring you more attention and devotion from fans (ie., customers). And if you are open and enough people recognize what you are doing, and someone else copies it, you can hope they will be branded as a copycat trying to catch up to you, whereas you will be held up high as the one who did it first.
4:55 AM

Viator said...
Thanks for the answer Anon, what I am thinking of has been done before but not in the same way. What I fear is that while I´m creating my site on my own, and describing what I intend to do beforehand, some semi-successfull company with manpower and money might notice the blog and beat me to it. However what you say about fans is right.
11:19 AM

Hey guys,
I Thank both Viator and Anon, the dialogue is fantastic. That is the Biggest reason I started this Blog, to Help other people get Started on the Internet Business Experience.
I think Viator is on the right track, but don't get discouraged by worring about what other Companies are doing or may do. If you keep to your Idea and Principles, you can Succeed by building a Loyal Readership (customers). Let me know how you make out, send me a link to your New Site.
Keep up the Good Work, and again Thanks.

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Good Luck in YOUR Endeavors


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