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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Links on the Ads, Just Ads Page

Back on November 29th I introduced My NEW Site Ads, Just Ads.

The reason is simple, the process was not. As referenced the following day, 11/30, my main objective was to create a Site that was all advertisements and make some money.

The problem I ran into was you can't use JavaScript in a post on Blogger (still no answer from them). I wanted to use the Chitika Ads as a mainstay because they are adaptable enough to advertise various products in certain catagories. I still use them, however they are more static in their placement due to the fact they can only be placed within the Template of Blogger.

SO, I did what I suggested to others, I ADAPTED.

I found Commission Junction, and the variety of advertisers is MUCH more of an Advantage to the original concept. Since I wanted to present Different Products in Various Catagories, I found what I think is one of the Best Affiliate links yet.

Some of the Clients I have are: EBay, Yahoo, IXWeb, Bluehost, and just to name a few.
The Catagories range from Computers to WebHosting at present. Soon to expand to Whatever I think will sell.

I hope you take advantage of my good fortune and try some of the links I have provided.

Update: This Blog was DELETED as a SPLOG...
Live and Learn

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At 10:26 AM, Blogger Viator said...

A question, as a novice blogger with no apparent traffic on my blog, how do you intend to interest people in a blog that contains nothing but ads?
Unless you use an angle such as the history of advertisment, ad psychology og perhaps bevare of ads blog.


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