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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Comment Spam

What Goes Around, Comes Around. A while back I added Comment Verification to my Blog. The main reason for this was Some of the comments I had gotten were auto-generated. This did seem to aleviate the problem for me.
Today, I visited Problogger as usual. What was Unusual was that Darren's Post was a tiraid against Comment Spam. He is usually very evenhanded with everyone who leaves comments for articles he writes. Although he was (I think) still evenhanded, he was irate about a particular person and company's practice of using Comment Spam to promote themselves.
The article: "12 Daily Pro and Andrew Hillman are Comment Spammers" speaks to only ONE Company and ONE Person. Even after many E-mails to them (according to Darren), the practice continued. His only real way to (in leiu of reverse spam) try and combat the problem was to give them Negative Press. This may just work because ProBlogger has over 3,000 page views per day and has a high SEO.
Although my little problem with Comment Spam seems like nothing, when it affects some of the Major Sites, it becomes a Major Problem.
...and now for E-Mail Spam???

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