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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Perception and Eye Movement

In regards to importance of updating websites regulary, dynamica vs. statica.
A research I heard about, that studied surfer behaviour online found that if a surfer returns to a site for the second time, and sees the same page as the first, chances for this surfer to return for the 3rd time are greatly diminished. There are more researches like this that study human behaviour, another one looked at eyemovement when scanning a typical webpage, what place of the screen people look at first, on what part of the screen do the eyes have a natural tendancy to linger, etc. Unfortunatly I have forgotten the details and am to lazy to google for them. ;)

Posted by Viator to Self Improvement by Working at Home at 12/10/2005 10:15:31 AM

Thanks Viator.
There have been many, many studies done regarding human behavior and their habits and how they perceive what they read. As long as you keep things fresh to peak someones interest, they should return to your site. This is one reason I profess updating a Blog or Website regularly. You should try to involve them with the site, whether it is by offering something they are looking for or answering questions (asked or not).
In answer to the Eye movement question, it really depends on what language you are reading.
If you are reading English, or any European language the tendency is to start on the left. If you are reading a Mid or Far Eastern language, it is reversed. They start on the upper right.
In both cases, we ALL start at the TOP.
Most researchers agree, place what you want people to see at the Top Left or Top Right depending on where you are. The next best is at the Bottom Middle of your article. Still others say placing Ads within the text is an advantage.
So, as usual, it depends on who you ask. These are guidelines, nothing more. Experiment... See what works for you, just remember... KEEP IT FRESH.

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