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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Google and AOL get Married

I'm sure you already heard about the Wedding. Google sold 5% of itself to AOL. Now that doesn't seem like much, it's only about $1 Billion. (Not including the $300 Million Credit to Buy Ads on Google's Web site).

They say that there will not be any banner-ads on Google's Web pages or in Search Results.

Sorry, I don't believe it. That's not the way AOL works. They are so proprietary, They Paste a Big Banner-Ad on the TOP of Every AOL Hometown Homepage. For those of you who don't know, that is supposed to be an Individual Web Page included in the package when you Subscribe to AOL. You must have AOL's Website running at all times when you are on the Net, no matter what. You have to keep it running in the background if you want to use IE, Outlook Express, or any other service. As we all know, the more you run at one time, the slower your compter's response time.

I PREDICT that once things get rolling, you will see a LOT of AOL ADS when you do a Google Search, that the TOP SEO's will either be AOL related or lead to something through AOL.

Look out if you use AdSense, your content may be Keyword rich for AOL Products. There is a provision in the deal that REQUIRES Google to help make AOL's content more visable in the Search Results.

If that happens, you won't see Google Search, or AdSense on this site.

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