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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Name Change (continued)

Something I did not take into consideration when I made the Name Change was how that would affect FeedBurner and all the other Feeds and Pings involved.

Feedburner will pick it up by itself as far as your feed, however you need to change the Feed Name on their site. They will make all the other Pings listed there for you. But, again, you have to make sure places such Technorati, Postami, and Ping-O-Matic are changed as well. If not, they will not pick up the Ping on the New Name.

Another thing you must consider when you change anything, is how it affects your Subscriber list. If someone is subscribed with FeedBlitz, they will NOT get notification of Posts or Changes as they pick up your feed by NAME. If your Subscriber goes through one of the many RSS feeds, there should be no problem, as long as you didn't change the actual Site Address.

I'm glad I made the Change after only a couple of months, since there is little damage done to the distribution list I utilize.

Overall, I think the Name Change is for the Best.


Don't forget to Change links in your Template that contain the Old Name.

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