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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Naive, Inexperienced or Just Plain Stupid?

This is the 177th post I have written for this Blog. Working at Home on the Internet is still a work in progress. And I hope it continues to improve with the experiences I have had over time.

Again, I have been looking over what I had written ( I do this often) after researching new perspectives on Owning a Home Business, Working on the Internet, Using Computers for Business, etc. and not finding anything "new".

I bring this up because, as attested to by my first few posts, I was naive, inexperienced, OK, just plain stupid in my expectations. I'm not going to link to them, instead I'll just Show You. They are short enough.

10/5/05 There is a way to improve yourself...Work online...Make money...Find the Freedom you want. If you work on a computer & have access to the internet...Contact me by Clicking on one of the links below...

That was the extent of my FIRST post... It gets worse...

10/6/05 Second day of posting, and I'm waiting for anyone to Comment.I went to & became an affilitate, there I found out that I can work from home on my computer through their programs.If you would like to try this and make money from home, Contact me...

What was I expecting? Instant results, like cooking oatmeal in a microwave?

At that point I didn't even know the importance of any of the Basics*. I didn't even use Titles, much less know why I should. I had no clue what RSS**, MetaTags***, Keywords+ or SEO++ meant to circulation.

I did persist, and after some time, researching, reading, joining some forums+++, visiting other like minded sites and learning in general, I finally got a focus. I formed a game plan, and continued all of the above.

I work continually to try to help improve your prospects (and my own) through my experiences, good and bad. This is why I put links to previous posts or other sites I have found important to running a Business from Home on the Internet.

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Good Luck in YOUR Endeavors


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