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Friday, March 17, 2006

Your Story Sunday Opens This Weekend

I have my own perspective on Working at Home. If you read the post My Trek to Working at Home* you pretty much know my story.

I really have no concept of what it is like to run a Home Based Business with children (my son is 30 yrs old) in the picture. I do have stories of parenting and the trials and tribulations therein. But since my son is grown and on his own, I don't run into the everyday obsticles that you may encounter.

I read articles all the time about Work at Home Mom's, but not everyone has the same situation. A lot of people have stories about their circumstances, but not everyone has an opportunity to share it with others.

So, I am going to open Sunday's as "Your Story Sunday".

It doesn't have to be anything much, just what you run into in your Work at Home Life. It doesn't have to be about children specifically, it could be a funny story about your pet, dealing with household duties or anything that strikes you as interesting.

You could also tell about problems you have run into that you think could be pertinent to others who are trying to Work at Home. I have made a similar offer before (below**)

So, if you are interested in sharing Your Story, E-mail me with a brief description of your idea for details on how to submit your article.

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For your convience:
E-Mail Questions

Good Luck in YOUR Endeavors


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