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Thursday, March 16, 2006

It Has to Start Somewhere

There are many types of people who work at home, and there are even more that want to work at home but can't find a way to do it.

Since I do most everything on the computer, it was easy enough to find something to do. Consulting mostly, which has turned more or less into an advice Blog. I get asked questions (offline) all the time about fixing some problem or other on friends computers and/or systems. Doesn't pay much, as I can't really charge friends and relatives.

Being on the internet is a good way for me to reach people around the world, but it doesn't pay much either, as international monetary exchange can prove difficult. So, I depend on people finding the Ads I have on the site useful and patronizing the advertisers.

I am quite sure some of the decisions that you have to make can't be much easier. You need the money, but you have to weigh the benefits against the cost of making the move to Working at Home.

Some professions are more adaptable.. writing, editing, freelancing photographer, than others, but what about the "regular guy"? The person who has the desire, but not necessarily the skills to pursue a career on the internet or any other type of home based business.

The answer is... Everyone has some skill or capability they can turn into a Work at/from Home Business. I have written many times that what it takes is the desire and a lot of hard work to succeed in any endeavor you pursue.

What about your cooking skills? The lady who started that big cookie company started in her kitchen. How about the guy that started that computer company that turned into your desktop? He started out working for IBM. So did the other one that wrote all your software.

The biggest difference between them and us is not where they started, it was the idea they had that was unique. It was their desire and determination that helped them find success.

We can all succeed in a Work at Home Business, but it has to start somewhere... An Idea...

What is YOUR Idea? What makes you think it will succeed?

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